Everleigh is ONE!

I'm getting emotional typing this but I can't believe Everleigh is ONE! To be honest, I didn't think we would ever get here. When we had her we didn't know how it was going to be, let alone, if she would live to see age one. I know that sounds dramatic but when you have a child with complicated medical issues you just never know. I am so thankful that Everleigh did so amazing for her first year of life. Although there were a few scares here and there and so many doctor appointments, we are still so thankful that it was never anything too serious. To this day, Everleigh still has not experienced a seizure and we hope it stays that way indefinitely. Although she is not meeting her milestones when compared to a neurotypical kid, she is progressing well on her own schedule. She now has better head control and soon we are hoping she'll be able to sit more independently. She loves to smile and laugh which is the embodiment of who she is; just a ray of light and sunshine. 

When you're a special needs parent, life is never an easy road. In fact it is often a very lonely one. Most times you feel like a failure because you don't have a clue on what you're doing, not sure what care or medications would be best for your child or if you're doing enough. I would say the only two things that has helped us survived this whole year is meeting special needs parents via social media or in person, and having GOD to pray to. In those special needs parents that I've met, we found comfort and felt less alone. They have helped to encourage us at our lowest moments. I remember at Everleigh's second neurology appointment the doctor told us that she will most likely never walk or talk. That day was one of the darkest days of my life. I sat in my car after the appointment and bawled my eyes out. That day, I reached out to a special needs mom who also has a twinless twin with a similar diagnosis and she reached out to me with the sweetest recorded messages. Her words were so warm and caring and in her words of encouragement and the positive outlook she had in her own personal challenges with her own daughter is what helped to carry me forward. Reflecting back on our one year journey, I would often question God about why He would allow Mila to die and Everleigh to live with a brain injury. I talk about my faith a lot but never really understood what faith really was until I had to walk in it.  In the midst of pain and suffering, you start to question your faith, but the funny thing is in the midst of pain and suffering you also find yourself depending on GOD even more. He is seriously your only Hope! I'm continuing to learn that suffering is temporary, life is temporary. It's easy to become fixated on this life that we forget it's not our forever home.  For me now, the time we are given on earth is to know God more and to become more like Him, to carry the cross and suffer with Him. One of my favorite Pastor Levi says to be glad when we are in suffering because it will brings us closer to Jesus. I'm accepting now that all that has happened to Everleigh is not meaningless, it is meaningful. We may not understand it completely now but we know that one day God will reveal it to us. If you are going through something similar, I love for you to take the time to watch Pastor Levi from Fresh Life Church he has experienced pain and loss and his sermons are encouraging and uplifting! This recent one is my favorite : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cKlL4fWvEb0

A small but exciting announcement: In the midst of all the uncertainties, God continues to bless us. We are unexpectedly expecting a baby next Spring. We are so excited to welcome another addition to our little family. We're thinking about waiting until birth to find out the sex.. what do you guys think?

Photography by my sister 
IG: cheeiaphotography


  1. What wonderful news. GOD IS WONDERFUL! Happy birthday precious Everleigh!!!!
    And so happy about the new addition. May God bless your family.

  2. Happy Birthday Everliegh. I love you and I hope God gives you a sister because they are simply the best. I love you always.

  3. And congratulations on the new addition. I’m so excited to meet baby #4 woohoo Praise God for your growing family.


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