How We Helped Everleigh Sleep Better At Night

When we brought Everleigh home from the hospital we did not notice her having any startle movements. However, as she got older we noticed that she started having them. At her monthly check ups with her pediatrician we were always reassured that it was very normal for someone her age to have them. It was not until she was around 6 months that I started seeing it more frequently to the point where she would wake herself up in the middle of the night crying and screaming. We tried swaddling her with a receiving blanket but because she hated having her arms on her side she would always wake herself up during the night. At one point, I assumed the startle movements might be infantile spasms so we had a 24 hour EEG scheduled and thankfully there was no sign of seizures. Her neurologist told us that it was exaggerated startle and that there was really nothing we can do and hopefully Everleigh would eventually just grow out of it. Due to her startle, we were running on no sleep for awhile until I started to do some research and found Love To Dream Swaddle. The founder created this swaddle because her son was having trouble sleeping and after doing research she found that medical science suggests that babies sleep better when they have access to their hands. I know for Everleigh this is so true because she loves to sleep with her hands up, even when she was in my womb her arms were always up by her face. After using the swaddle for a few weeks, I noticed that it made her startle less and she was sleeping anywhere from 10-12 hours every night. We had her in the pink swaddle for newborns for 9 months and just recently switched her over to this gray swaddle. The neat thing about this gray swaddle is the zipper on the sleeves. You can unzip the sleeves in the morning to allow your child to stretch out their arms. If you have a child who startles I would recommend trying it out. Let me know if you do and how it works for you.

xo, Mama Song 


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