Everleigh is 9 Months

Our sweet girl turned 9 months last Monday. She is 12 pounds 16oz and 25 inches long. This past month, she has been working really hard on tummy time (not her favorite thing to do nowadays) to develop stronger neck and shoulder muscles so hopefully she can gain motor skills to explore the world around her. She recently discovered her hands and has been chewing on them nonstop, which we are so excited to see. She also loves kids. They bring her so much joy! We recently went to go visit one of my good friend who has two kids and the moment Everleigh saw the kids' faces she was smiling from ear to ear.  Another thing she has been loving these days (all thanks to big brother) is Alphablocks on Youtube. This is the only thing we can distract her with if we need to get something done around the house. While she watches the show we can hear her laughing away. It is just the cutest thing to see. We love seeing her happy. She completes our little family and we couldn't be more thankful to have her in our lives. 

I have spoken these things to you. That my joy may remain in you. And that your joy may be made full. - John 15:11


  1. Thanks for sharing her progress and journey with us! She is such a precious soul!


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