What We Have Learned Through Our Pain - Mila's One Year Anniversary

Last year on on my birthday, May 6th, we found out that Mila, one of our twins, did not have a heartbeat at our 17 week checkup.  For Mila's one year anniversary we wanted to celebrate Mila's life with a cake and sending off balloons to heaven. We also wanted to celebrate a GOD who pulled us through the most difficult year of our lives. On this one year anniversary we are creating a new memory of our pain. We have learned in our pain that although it was difficult to walk through, it was not all bad. God had a purpose for our pain. We have learned in our pain to be more compassionate in our lives. We have learned to see beauty in all humans, no matter their differences.  We have learned to celebrate all the small things. We have learned that this temporary life on Earth is not our home and that those who may be seen least on earth will be the greatest in heaven. We have learned that you can get through any of life's difficult seasons with God's strength. We have learned that God is the God of the valley and storms and He is our anchor of hope. Friends, we pray that through Mila and Everleigh's lives that you will be encouraged to make new memories of your pain by knowing that the difficult challenges in life can be hard but will always teach you something; a lesson learned is never a waisted experience. And that God will never forsake you, He can be your strength when you rely on Him. 

xo, mama Song

Thank you to SusanBPhotography for capturing our photos. 


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