Everleigh's First Endocrinology and Ophthalmology Appointments

Everleigh's neurologist referred us to see an Endocrinology (a doctor who specializes in hormones) and Ophthalmology (eye doctor specialist) because based on her MRI it showed that she has a thin or an absent Corpus Callosum. The Corpus Callosum connects the left brain with the right brain. Due to this reason, it could result in Everleigh not being able to produce normal hormones and be visually impaired. 

At the Endocrinology appointment, we were told that the brain area called the Pitutary is the hormone control center for six different hormones such as thyroid-stimulating (TSH), Ovary (LH/FSH),  Cortisol (ACTH), Kidney (ADH), Growth Hormone (GH), and Prolactin Oxytocin (PRL).  They ran blood test for Cortisol Deficiency and Vasopressin (ADH). The reason for these test is to evaluate her blood pressure, physiologic, low ADH and diabetes inspidus. If the test came back abnormal then we would have to do a blood test for her thyroid functioning.  This is a serious matter because without normal hormone functioning it can be life threatening but it is treatable with medication. Thankfully, everything came back normal. 

At the eye doctor appointment, the doctor dilated Everleigh's eyes to exam the back of her eyes because the MRI showed that there may be some underdeveloped parts that can affect her eye vision. After looking at the back of her eyes the doctor reassured us that everything looked normal. She also said that she was encouraged in the way Everleigh was tracking things with her eyes at her current age. 

God continues to show up in these difficult times and gives us hope. We are so in awe of His love and the miracles he has shown us through the life of Everleigh. 


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