Everleigh is 4 Months

I can't believe Everleigh is already 4 months. It flew by so quick! As I was thinking of what to share for her fourth month only one thing came to mind....I've decided to stop being so overly concerned with Everleigh's milestones and just focus on what her abilities are right now. It is so much easier said than done. I find myself comparing her to other kiddos her age, even though I have learned in my own life that comparison is the thief of joy.  So, maybe, my daughter will not be able to do belly time at 2 months, crawl at 6 months, walk at 12 months and talk at 18 months. What I can do is just love her and help her to get there by supporting and encouraging her, and you best know I will do everything in my ability to find the best specialists to help her succeed.

So far, she is cooing with mommy and daddy. She smiles when we sing, talk or play with her. Her smile is seriously the sweetest thing you will ever see. She can hold her head up for a good few minutes when we are doing belly time on a yoga ball. She sleeps for 7 hours straight at night. She can sometimes self-soothe herself to sleep during nap times and let me tell you when I say what a HUGE accomplishment this is because she always needs us to hold her. She can drink, swallow, see, hear ... things I don't even put much thought into and take for granted everyday. These are things we were told she may never be able to do and she's doing them. We were recently told she most likely will never walk and talk and as devastated as I am hearing this news, I'm choosing to trust in God and not have her diagnosis define who she is or who she will become.  

I loved what this teacher said:

“When I look around my classroom I couldn’t tell you who crawled first, who walked before one or spoke in sentences by 15 months. I can’t tell you if their parents breastfed or bottle fed. No clue if they still wear pull-ups at night, because I’m sure many do! I don’t know if they potty trained at 18 months or 4 years. I don’t know if their mom ever left them to cry it out for a few minutes or if they strapped them to their bodies 24/7. You know what I can tell when I look at my kids? I can tell which families value kindness and manners at home. I can tell when a child feels loved and secure at home (and at school which sadly isn’t everyone’s experience!) I know who has pizza and movie nights and which mom reads in different voices for bedtimes. I see how kids handle scary situations like thunderstorms. I can see who has a solid routine at home and who has chores and responsibilities. I can hear how you speak to your children by how they speak to others. When I look at my little friends I don’t see their milestones, I see who they are: their heart, their actions, their inner voice, their struggles and triumphs, and I see you; and all the love you pour into them. We are always supposed to talk about testing and benchmarks and data during parent teacher conferences and I had a mom once look at me and say “I don’t worry about all the reading and math, she will get there. I want to know....how is she, as a person? Is she kind? Does she include others?” - unknown 


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