Everleigh's First EEG Appointment

Everleigh's diagnosis has many side effects one of them being seizures. Pretty scary! For the first two months of Everleigh's life that's all I worried about, so I constantly observed her. I had a scare one night when I was holding Everleigh and both of her eyes rolled to one side. Per her neurologist doctor, if both eyes roll to one side that can be a sign of a seizure. I was able to record this while it was happening and sent it off to her doctor. Thankfully it wasn't a seizure. This past month we took Everleigh to her first EEG (electroencephalogram) appointment. We were told by her neurologist that this test would help determine any abnormalities brain activities that would indicate early sign of seizures. 

The appointment was at the Children's Hospital in Broomfield. After we checked in we were taken into a room where a nurse put metal discs onto Everleigh's scalp. Seeing the nurse do this I couldn't help but tear up. Never imagined that I would have to see my baby girl go through this. The test took about 1 hour and Everleigh needed to sleep through the entire time, so the nurse allowed Jason to hold Everleigh to make sure she slept through the test. Thankfully she did. We received the test results back a week later and found out that Everleigh had normal brain waves activity. Praise God!


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