In Memory of Our Mila

Never imagined that I would be making burial/cremation arrangements for my child.  When Jason and I decided that we wanted to do something for Mila we didn't know where to start. I remember when I post ed on Instagram about losing Mila, an organization called Adalyn Rose Foundation had left me a comment so I reached out to them for advice. I didn't know much about them and all I knew was that it was founded by two people named Adam and Chole who had also lost a child. After doing some research I found that their foundation serves families grieving the loss of a baby through miscarriage, stillbirth, or a loss for whatever reason in the first few months of his or her little life. Adam and Chole responded promptly and helped me every step of the way from finding an affordable mortuary in Denver to sending us a care package and went as far as helping us to pay for Mila's cremation cost. Most importantly, they were there to be kind and be a friend through this incredibly difficult ordeal. They are seriously the sweetest and most compassionate humans ever. They made the process so incredibly easy and healing at the same time. 

Why cremation? To be honest, we didn't know which route to take. However, because we lost Mila at 17 weeks we knew that when she was born she would likely be disfigured and we would hardly be able to make her out. For that reason we decided not to do a burial for her but instead cremation so we can keep her ashes with us. 

The mortuary we went with is called, In Memoriam which is located in Broomfield, Colorado. Kelsi who runs the mortuary is seriously the kindest person. When we decided to go with her for cremation service, she called me to talk about the process and made it less of a business transaction, instead, she made it more personable and really showed how much she cared about my loss. Once we had baby Mila and was ready to say goodbye, the social worker at St. Joe's made arrangements with Kelsi to pick up Mila. Kelsi made the whole thing easy and even went as far as personally dropping off Mila's ashes to my home and even offered to bring me a coffee. Incredible!

I wouldn't have been able to made it through this loss without these three amazing souls. 


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