Mila & Everleigh's Birth Story

On Sunday, September 20th at noon while using the bathroom I had a bloody discharge. I called the nurse line because I was only 37 weeks and 1 day.  The nurse advised me to go to the hospital. Luckily, I had the hospital bag packed the week prior, so we put everything in our car and dropped off Zacharias to my mom. When I arrived at the hospital I was admitted into the triage room where a midwife checked to see how dilated I was. I was at 3cm. I was asked to see if I wanted to stay for two hours incase I was in active labor. After waiting for 2 hours, I dilated to 4 cm. However, it was not enough to stay in the hospital, so we were asked to leave. Jason and I decided that we would go on a date  incase I do go into labor that evening or the next day.  We decided we wanted steaks so we headed to Hideaway Steakhouse. When we got to the restaurant my contractions were kicking in and it was getting more painful. Due to the pain, we decided to do takeout. During our drive home my contractions were now coming in every 5 minutes and lasting about 1 minute.  When we arrived home I told Jason that we should probably head back to the hospital after we eat because my contractions were getting worst. We headed back to the hospital around 9:00pm. Again we were placed in a triage room to check how far I've dilated. I was now at 4.5 cm. I was asked to stay for two hours to see if I was in active labor. During the two hour stay, my contractions started spreading apart at every 10 minutes and when they checked me again I was still at 4.5cm. The doctor asked me to leave again and made a comment that I'm probably just dehydrated and I might not even go into labor for days or weeks. So we went back home again. The moment I got home my contractions got even worst. This time the pain was so unbearable. I tried laying down to see if the pain would stop but that did not help. At midnight, I told Jason that we had to head back to the hospital because I feel like I was in active labor. So we headed back to the hospital again. Jason wasn't too happy :) When we arrived the nurse checked how far I've dilated and I was still at 4.5cm. I told the nurse that I wasn't going home this time and if they can please give me some pain medication for the contractions. For the first two hours, I was given Fentanyl and finally felt better and was able to rest but as soon as the two hours passed the pain came right back. The nurse checked me again and I was still at 4.5cm. I asked for pain medication again because I knew that if I went home I wouldn't be able to sleep. The nurse gave me Morphine to sleep through the night and told me that by morning if I was still at 4.5cm I would have to go home.  Sadly, morphine did nothing for me. I was in pain from 2am until 6am while Jason was getting his beauty sleep. At 6am, I called the nurse and asked to be checked again because the pain was unbearable. The nurse checked and I was now at 6cm... finally they wheeled me into the labor and delivery room where I asked for epidural right away. From 6am until 5:30pm I was finally able to rest. At around 5:30pm, I was dilated to 10cm. After 15-20 minutes of pushing Mila (passing twin) was born first and at 5:50pm Everleigh was born. Everleigh cried right away and was placed on my chest. At that moment, all I could remember was crying and feeling relief that Everleigh was finally here on earth side. The nurse wrapped our sweet Mila, took some photos, and placed her beside my bed. We spent the night cherishing the moment we had with both girls. 

We love you sweet Mila and can't wait until we meet you in heaven. 


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