Identical Twins

In March, my husband and I found out that we were expecting twins.  We were so surprised especially since twins does not run on either side of our family. We found out from the midwife that identical twins does not run in families. I took an early gender DNA test and found out a week later that we were having identical twin girls. Going into this we didn't know the risks of having twins until we started doing our own research. Sadly at 17 weeks and 4 days on May 6th, our twin A, who we named Mila did not have a heartbeat. After her passing, we continued to visit with MFM for follow-ups to make sure twin B, who we named Everleigh, was developing well. It was after our 20 weeks check-up that we were told Everleigh's head was measuring small between the 2nd and 3rd deviation. We were nervous but we were hopeful that her head was small because my husband's head was small. It was not until our last appointment that Everleigh's head was now a little under the 3rd deviation which is now considered microcephaly. We gave birth to Everleigh a week later on September 21st and after having an MRI done was given the news that she does have microcephaly as well as polymircogyria. Everleigh had suffered from a brain injury when her twin sister Mila passed away. Before sending us home our doctor informed us that with this type of brain injury Everleigh could have seizures. The news stole our joy of having a newborn and for the first week instead of enjoying our baby girl we were grieving because of the uncertainty of our baby girl's future. I can't even recall how many times we prayed in that week for our baby girl. I gave it no time and started doing some research on how to give the best care for Everleigh.  I decided to start this blog to share Everleigh's journey and share any helpful resources that I come across. Although, I don't know what the future will hold for our baby girl I know that God has a purpose and plan for her life. 


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